The BobLog, January 9, 2004.

The BobLog (that indescribable cataloging of people, places, food, and sleep)

01/09/04 – 9:30PM
We finally left Rochester!  I had a few little emergencies to take care of this morning / afternoon, as well as some last-minute shopping to pick up various things for the trip.  Mom started feeling not-so-good around dinner time, and had to make several trips to the restroom.  But after some food and prayer, we left for Buffalo.

En route, we saw an interesting phenomenon.  It looked like there were beams of light aimed straight up from the ground.  We saw more of these around the Batavia area, but also saw them even with oncoming traffic headlights at times.  Must be something that happens when the temperature is real cold, and perhaps some humidity.  Closer to Buffalo, the “beams” did not appear.

01/09/04 – 10:45PM
After a couple pit stops, we arrived at the Days Inn hotel, right across from the Buffalo airport.  Checked in, and went up to our 3rd floor room.  I snagged a luggage cart to transport our 180lbs of luggage to our room.  (Yes, 180lbs sounds like a lot, but believe it or not, we have room to take back more stuff with us without exceeding the airline limits… hopefully!)  Our room was pretty cold when we arrived – I’d guess in the high 50s.  The bathroom floor was freezing!  The AC did heat a little, but it took a while before it was comfortable.  Got to bed a little after midnight.

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