The BobLog, Friday, January 16th, 2004

We have arrived in sunny Cozumel, Mexico!  This is a little island off the eastern coast of Mexico that until recently was mostly unknown.  Jacque Cousteau found amazing coral reefs here, and documented it.  This attracted many divers, and it is now a major port in Carribbean ship itineries.  We docked right next to the Carnival Conquest ship, shown here.  Passengers were greeted on toe dock by some colorful locals.

At the end of the pier there was quite the shopping area - the largest we saw.  They had a nice fountain in the center, and a small amphitheater with shows performed by the locals.  Mom was able to get a wheelchair escort, so she didn't have to walk the full length of the pier (close to 1000 feet).

A nice little mexican band was playing:

We were able to sign up for the Atlantis Submarine tour of the ocean (a mere $79 each).  This was a short trip to another pier.  Some scenes along the way:

The boat Ana took us out to meet the Sub.  While on the way, we saw a parasailer!

We waited for the sub to appear, as it was still under-water.  Finally, it surfaced, and we boarded!

Some interesting pictures of the ocean floor:

Upon returning, we did some shopping at the local plaza.  Here are some pretty parrots that were out:

After a full day there, we found a cab to take us back to our peer.  The submarine tour was supposed to provide this, but they left us off at a different place than where we boarded, and I couldn't find them.  So, we had to pay $6 plus a tip to have someone take us 3 blocks away.  (Too tired to walk any more!)

That night at dinner (which was a formal one), we were serenaded by the mexican waiters.  Carlos (pictured right) was our Head waiter.

We took in a couple good shows after dinner.  Later that night, they had a big "Champagne Waterfall", with a huge tower of wineglasses.  Lots of people took turns in pouring bottles of champagne on the top, and watching it flow to fill all 700+ glasses. 

That's it for today.

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