The BobLog, for Bob & Mom (Arlene)'s cruise to the Southern Carribean
1-04-08 thru 1-12-08.

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Please click on the links below for each day's log.   Enjoy!

01/04 - 01/05/08 - Friday & Saturday, Puerto Rico
01/06/08 - Sunday, St. Thomas
01/07/08 - Monday, St. Kitts
01/08/08 - Tuesday, Grenada
01/09/08 - Wednesday, Bonaire
01/10/08 - Thursday, Aruba
01/11/08 - Friday, At Sea
01/12/08 - Saturday, Returning home... Sniff, sniff!

This compilation took about 20 hours to produce, and is gathered from approximately 1000 pictures taken on two cameras. There is about 500MB of picture data available. I probably won't do this type of detailed log again, due to the massive effort it took to put together. But I do hope this gives you a little break from your day, as you can escape with me for a few minutes to the Caribbean!

There are many links within the pages to other sites, where you can obtain more information. Also, each picture may be enlarged by clicking on it.